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IDP MAGIC 8-BALL: 5 Burning Questions

Gary Davenport (FantasySharks) - Thursday, Aug 21, 2014

Picture Coming Soon!
LB Larry Foote
Arizona Cardinals

There are any number of tools available to IDP owners as they prepare for their fantasy drafts. The always popular player rankings and cheatsheets. All sorts of newfangled programs and apps. Millions of words on sleepers and values, players and busts to avoid. It's enough to give even the most ardent of fantasy football fanatics a case of information overload. However, today at Fantasy Sharks I am about to share with you a tool so secretive and powerful that many believe its very existence to be little more than a rumor. Those who do know it to be real speak of it in hushed and fearful whispers. In the wrong hands, this tool could lead to untold devastation. It is... The Magic 8-Ball. I have asked the Magic 8-Ball to gaze into the murky future that is the 2014 NFL season and impart upon us wisdom that will help you dominate your IDP league this year. And so, here are a handful of questions facing IDP owners in 2014 (more will overheat the Magic 8-Ball, and ...

Fantasy Forecast - Getting Old

John T. Georgopoulos (FantasySharks) - Thursday, Aug 21, 2014

It's that time of year again: thoughts begin to seriously turn to football. Fans get all worked up as hope springs eternal for their team. But for weary fantasy football editors, it can only mean one ...

Keeping Up Appearances: QB/RB Drafting

MJ Brown (FantasySharks) - Thursday, Aug 21, 2014

As many of us near our draft day (Saturday cannot come quickly enough), there is a bit of a last-minute scramble to make decisions on bubble players. Whether this involves listening to podcasts, ...

Streamin' and Beamin'

Bob Tierney (FantasySharks) - Thursday, Aug 21, 2014

The kicker and defense are two positions that are usually left to the end of any draft, especially the kicker. And I'm going to say it right now - if you don't wait until the end of the draft to pick ...

The Best Strategy to Win a Championship

Walter Collazo (FantasySharks) - Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014

Time out! Flag on the play. Stop the draft, hold the auto-picks and pause the draft timer. What has the 2014 draft season come to? We are knee deep in draft season and so far I can't believe what I ...

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Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014

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